Bulk Discounts

Id-Extras offers a discount for bulk online purchases of over 5 licenses of the same product.

If you plan to purchase more than 5 licenses of the same product, please contact us to receive a discount coupon.

Please note that we are only able to offer a discount for a single purchase of more than 5 licenses. (So if you purchased, say, 4 licenses a few months ago we cannot, unfortunately, combine that purchase with a new purchase of an additional 4 licenses today.)

The discounts are tiered, and work as folllows:

Licenses 1–4: No discount
Licenses 5–15: 10% discount per license
Licenses 16–20: 15% discount per license
Licenses 21–30: 20% discount per license
Licenses 31–40: 30% discount per license
Licenses 41 onwards: 35% discount per license

Discount Calculator

Use this handy discount calculator to see exactly how much you can save on bulk purchases.

(1) How many licenses do you wish to purchase?

(2) What is the price per license ? ($)

Total before discount:

Total after discount:

You save: