I’ve just been told that our Change Consecutive Paragraphs script has been featured on a new Webucator course.

Webucator, a company specialising in live online and self-paced training has created a new Using Adobe Add-ons course that provides a survey of different add-ons available in the Adobe Add-on marketplace.

A video showing how to acquire and use Change Consecutive Paragraphs is included in the course along with other InDesign, Photoshop and Dreamweaver add-ons.  The course is free and is listed with Webucator’s InDesign classes.

I haven’t been through the course myself, but judging by this video it should be a good introduction for people wanting to get to grips with the important, exciting, and time-saving world of Adobe Creative Cloud add-ons.

Thanks to Natt Dunn of Weducator for creating this great tutorial.