• “At Penguin Random House we have rolled Mastermatic out to several of our interior design departments. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and the designers using it have all acknowledged substantial time savings. This script has become an important tool for us, [and] is highly recommended.”
    John Tomaselli, Senior Manager - Penguin Random House
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  • “Bookraft provided a custom script solution that has helped our composition departments to seamlessly integrate a new InCopy to InDesign workflow. The support and advice for optimizing InDesign for this workflow have been invaluable.”
    John Atkins, Content Architect - HarperCollinsPublishers
  • “The Live Index script is perfect for any author or publisher who uses an outside indexer to compile a text file of the index. I love it! I does exactly what I want. I get the benefits of an index prepared by a professional who goes through my book for all the proper categories and index subjects. Then, when I run the script I get the hyperlinks that make the exported PDF interactive. I would not have been able to get an electronic index without it.”
    Sandee Cohen - Author of InDesign CC: Visual QuickStart Guide
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  • “And just a quick note [to manager – ed.] about this plug in [Change Consecutive Paragraphs Pro] – it’s AWESOME! Thank you for getting it for us, I absolutely love it.”
    Amy Quinn, Designer - Perseus Books, A Subsidiary of Hachette Book Group
  • “I just thought I would let you know that Hyperlink Pro 2.1 worked like a charm! (I did not try the phone number option, but I did use the email option combined with “include incomplete URLs”.) It created approximately 600 urls and 550 emails in my 50+ page directory in about 20 minutes. So far, I have not seen any “bogus” URLs. Because my directory has a narrow 4-columns-per-page format, I specified the options to “add discretionary line breaks” and “allow line breaks between alpha-numeric characters”. I only had to manually add 1 additional discretionary line break when the script had finished. Wow! What a great tool. It saved me a lot of time…”
    Vaughn Dragland - Eclipse Technologies Inc.
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  • Mastermatic works masterfully and has saved us countless hours by automating a tedious process.”
    Kevin Atticks, DCD - Director, Apprentice House Press
  • “When we exported our InDesign files for ePubs, we ran into an issue with overrides in paragraph styles throughout our manuscripts. I contacted Id-Extras, and within a week we had a custom-built, inexpensive script that turned out to be the perfect solution. Now, our exported ePubs look amazing!”
    Matthew Wimer - Assistant Managing Editor, WIPF and STOCK Publishers
  • Mastermatic is amazing! Thank you. Worth every single penny. Appreciate your work!”
    Cathy Anderson, Creative - Just Organize Your Stuff

  • “Coming upon the Line Numbers script saved us huge amounts of time preparing our scientific publications, especially as Id-Extras refined and customized its script at our request, doing a splendid job in a few days: the script works perfectly, even in complicated cases (several paragraph styles to number and several “restart numbering” paragraph styles). This is not only a great time-saver for us, but also a guarantee that the numbering is rightly done and error-free, and this is priceless!”
    Yasmine Ech Chael - Research Engineer, Sources Chrétiennes series
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  • “Powerful tools – specifically adapted to our exact needs. Fantastic service.”
    Letter of Recommendation - From the CEO

  • “”Very happy … [the Line Numbers script] works as advertised and saves time!”
    Ian LeTourneau, Graphic Designer - Studies in Canadian Literature
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  • “The United States Geological Survey and another major European non-governmental organization are among the users of products and services. Such organizations normally have a policy of non-endorsement. Details available on request.”
    Governmental and Non-governmental Organizations - Worldwide

  • “I am pretty upset – that I did not find out about the amazing Quick-Resize script until yesterday! I cannot believe I did not know about this incredible utility! With a deadline looming ahead, the production facility said, “We need you to enlarge this document.” I thought, “Are you kidding me? Not on this document, not now!” Based on my previous experiences, I already knew that Adobe’s Liquid Layout features DO NOT WORK. I thought I was doomed until I searched in desperation for an alternative. When I found a comment on a message board about Quick-Resize, I thought “There is no way…this is NOT GOING TO WORK.” Nevertheless, I downloaded the trial on a lark and thought I would give it try, all the while fully expecting that it destroy my document. After I tried it, I was amazed! I applied it to an incredibly difficult document – over 400 pages – with hundreds of margin placed comments, tables, and hundreds of images – and it worked without a single problem. The result was perfect. Wow!

    I just want to thank you for saving my sanity and countless hours of my time.”

    Michael Monos, Book Designer - Newrome Press
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  • “This script [Mastermatic] is, by far, the best money I’ve ever spent for my  business. It’s saved me so much in productivity that I can’t begin to calculate its value. I recommend it to every book designer I know
    Rob Siders, Designer -

  • “I work at a non-profit think tank in Washington DC and as such we produce thousands of pages of research annually. Our products are all heavily annotated and some URLs are cumbersome, making layout difficult enough. Trying to combine form with function doesn’t always work with InDesign unfortunately.

    I found Hyperlink Pro after falling down a rabbit hole of research into correcting a 100+ page interactive document with dead links. We started by shortening the URLs via bitly, but InDesign still insisted on breaking the URL after the first “/” rendering EVERY SINGLE URL BROKEN.

    I found/purchased and installed the script and voila, worked like a charm …

    The script worked wonders and I plan to use it often in the months ahead.”

    Jay Simon, Assistant Art Director - The Heritage Foundation
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  • “I came across the GREP to Anchored Object script and knew it could save me time with my projects. Id-Extras helped me set it up for my specific needs and also incorporated some suggested additions to make it even better. Great product with great service!
    Jamie McKee, MacKey Composition - MacKey Composition

  • “I manage a small real estate advertising company. One of our customers requested to have us put live links into their PDF advertisements. The text block for them is a partial URL. Therefore, the built-in URL converter didn’t recognize the text as a web address. Hyperlink Pro fixed that for us. Thank you. This really saved the day for us!”
    Doug Hitchcock, VP Business Development - AdWriter
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  • “Hey, just to let you know, we sent in that immense Septuagint reader project—the one I was using Footwork for—a few weeks ago. It was a lot of work, but I could never have done it without Footwork. Thanks again for all your help getting that going last year. Here’s a the book announcement from one of the author/editors if you’re interested.”
    Phil Frank, Book Designer - Hendrickson

  • “I have been typesetting professionally for over 25 years and the discovery of your website has literally changed the way I work and do business. I can’t even begin to estimate how much time and money I have saved by using your scripts and the added value, in terms of quality of product, that I’m now able to provide my clientele. Thank you!”
    Raphaël Freeman, “Creating a seamless experience for your readers” - Renana Typesetting
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  • “As a support office managing over a dozen hotels and their restaurants, the single most taxing job used to be regularly updating numerous restaurant menus. We were never happy with self-publishing solutions such as Word (from a branding point of view) so when we found FormMagic, all our wishes were effectively answered; Full design control and all the editability our hotels needed to update menus at their whim. Since we implemented this process we have never looked back! What a game changer.”
    Nic Andrews - Scenic Hotel Group