InDesign 2018 is here, with great new features.

Prime among them is the new “paragraph border” feature.

But as Steve Werner points out over on InDesign Secrets, it’s

difficult to set up both paragraph shading and borders on the same paragraph: many of the settings (offset, corner settings, etc.) will be the same in the two dialog boxes, but there is no way to link the settings to make it easier to edit them.

So here’s a little script to remedy that oversight. Of course, it’s not quite as convenient as a checkbox inside the paragraph style options, but it’s easy enough to use.


  1. Select some text that has a paragraph style applied that uses shading or borders (or both).
  2. Run the script. A little window opens up:

  1. If you want the shading to match the border, click on “Use border properties.” The result will look like this in the example above:

  1. If, conversely, you want the border to match the shading, click on “Use shading properties”. The result:

That’s it! The paragraph style is modified so that the border and shading settings are now equal!

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