Extract Pages has been updated to version 1.7.0.

As well as breaking up large InDesign files into smaller files, with the new version you can now output not only PDFs but also PNGs, JPEGs and interactive PDFs!

All the powerful file-naming options are available for the new formats. So if you have, say, a 200-page InDesign file, you can now automatically export every page or spread (or a range of pages or spreads) as a PNG or JPEG file. Each individual PNG or JPEG files can be saved in a different, user-defined, folder, and each file can have a user-defined name – whether a simpler counter (File 01, File 02), or a name based on the text contents of the outputted page (e.g., if it’s business cards we’re exporting, each file can automatically be named with the card-holder’s name, etc.).

This comes in addition to the previous options to divide a large .indd file into smaller files, and/or export multiple PDFs (every 4 pages, or each section, etc.) using multiple presets into user-defined folders, again with all the powerful custom-naming features.

Also in version 1.7, the UI (user-interface) now remembers all your settings, so next time you run the script all the options will be set as needed.

Here’s a screenshot of the new export options:

Screenshot of Extract Pages Export Options

The new version of Extract Pages is available for only $59 here, and comes with 1 year of free upgrades.

Extract Pages works with Mac and Windows, with the current version and all recent versions of InDesign.