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    Glad to hear you’re finding Mastermatic useful! It is a great script.
    I’m afraid that for now Mastermatic cannot recognize a text frame that only has the continued part of a table as being not blank.
    So, if all there is in the frame is a continued part of table, Mastermatic sees that frame, wrongly, as empty. If the beginning or the end of the table is there, it would be fine.
    This is based on a bug in InDesign scripting: Asking InDesign how many characters there are in such a frame gives an answer of 0.

    The only workaround I can suggest for now is to apply an object style to those frames (which isn’t so useful, because the table can slip past the frames if you add text before), or possibly to anchor a blank frame to some of the rows in the table with a specific object style. Then set Mastermatic to apply whatever master page you want to the anchored object’s style.
    I think that would work.