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    I’m also experiencing this issue.

    From DelBocaVista’s ‘Elijah-Meyer-FormMaker-Pro-Script-NOT-APPLIED.pdf’ file, we can see that InDesign has the ability to export a PDF form with 0.25pt borders that looks OK. If we turn off the blue highlight colour for the fields by deselecting ‘Show border hover colour for fields’ in Acrobat Pro DC’s Preferences > Forms menu, the boxes are all intact. As such, it wouldn’t be correct to say that a 0.25pt border is ‘not really showing any border at all’.

    It’s only when the FormMaker command is run in Acrobat that the appearance changes, with parts of the borders of the text fields disappearing as shown in the ‘Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 10.19.08 PM.png’ image from ‘Elijah-Meyer-FormMaker-Pro-Script-APPLIED.pdf’.

    The issue appears to only affect the on-screen view in Adobe Acrobat. Opening the ‘APPLIED’ PDF in Apple’s Preview app, or in web browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Safari shows the text fields are actually displaying correctly in those apps. They also display correctly in the preview windows of Acrobat Pro DC’s ‘Pan & Zoom’ and ‘Loupe’ tools (found under the View > Zoom menu).

    Ariel’s point that the Acrobat UI supports just three weights of ‘Thin’ 1pt, ‘Medium’ 2pt and ’Thick’ 3pt is correct but as we’ve seen, InDesign can produce a PDF with 0.25pt keylines for text fields, which Acrobat is able to support without changing the line thickness to 1pt. As such, applying the FormMaker command in Adobe Acrobat should not cause the keylines to become broken when the PDF is viewed in Adobe Acrobat.