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    Hi Katherine,
    Sorry for the delayed response here, it’s been busy, and meanwhile I’m sure you’ve found workarounds for all these issues, but still, here goes:

    Is it possible to still use FormMagic to set my preferred alignment, but without setting a font family?

    Not really, when FormMagic clicks into action, it will try to reapply whatever font is being used in InDesign.

    So the teacher could open the file and change the font to the VicCursive once they have it loaded – but it would still be centre aligned and at the correct size by default? (ie. same as if they were using a Word Doc)

    The best would be to actually use the cursive font you want to use, in InDesign. If you do that, then when the teacher opens the book in Acrobat, if they have the font actually installed on their system*, everything will show up correctly.
    * They only need the font actually installed on their own system for these special fonts that forbid embedding, as I explained in the previous post. Most fonts are embedded correctly and show up correctly even if they don’t have them installed on their system.

    Or would they have to have the full Acrobat (not just Reader)?

    No, that is not necessary. Reader is fine.

    Apologies for all the question.

    No problem.

    One of the workbooks is 250 pages long with multiple text fields per page. It would be such a shame not to have them as interactive pages.

    The conclusion: It should in fact be possible to do what you want. The teacher simply needs the free Adobe Reader installed on his or her computer, and they should install the font on their computer as well. Since the font is free, this shouldn’t be a problem: You can distribute the font with the PDF as a separate file, with instructions that they should install it before viewing the PDF.