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    Hi Mike,

    Glad to hear you’re finding FormMaker useful, it’s a great product!

    (1) Regarding purging the data by default: The reason I didn’t do this is in case people want to play around with the form in Acrobat, fill it in and then reset it by running FormMaker again on it. If the data is purged, this wouldn’t work.
    Having said that, I hear your suggestion. There should definitely be at least an option to run it by default.

    (2) Document actions: Another good feature request! There is a workaround, meanwhile, though. Add a document script that will itself add a document action. You can do this with FormMaker by adding the following document script (this will turn on field highlighting when the PDF is closed in Acrobat):

    this.setAction(“WillClose”, ‘app.runtimeHighlight = true;’);

    So when you run FormMaker in Acrobat, this will actually become a document “willClose” action script.
    Then, before you actually distribute the PDF (at the same time as running the “purge” command!), you will probably want to delete this document script (leave the action, of course, but delete the script) as it is no longer necessary. (This last step is not essential, I guess, but it’s tidier.)