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    Hi Yosef,
    When you run Dropword, it adds (inserts) a forced line break followed by a tab at the end of the line. (Well, the forced line break is at the end of the line, and obviously the tab as at the beginning of the next line.)
    When you run the “Remove” command, it removes the forced line break and tab.
    It does not replace them with a space, because it did not delete any spaces.
    So the result is that the text returns to its original state. Try this on a new file with new text, and you’ll see how it works.
    If you’re finding that there’s a space missing after running “Remove”, my guess is that that’s because you ran a find/change that removes all spaces at the end of the line, something like that. Could that be?
    Or else at some point you manually deleted those spaces.
    In any case, if those spaces are really missing, you could simply run your own find/change in InDesign. Search for a forced line-break followed by a tab, and replace with a space.