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    I’ve tried all the steps you mentioned and still no first dialog when clicking Create Interactive PDF.
    I’ve also removed the script in InDesign and reinstalled it, restarted InDesign, but still no dialog… just a button that stays blue.

    I’m evaluating the free version.

    Can somebody help please? It did look so promising yesterday when it worked.

    I think I found the problem, when you have a textfield with a table in it, to create a comb of X characters then the dialog will not come up, although you can convert it to an interactive text field and assign form maker data to it. Removing the table from it will solve the export problem.
    When exporting it from the Indesign Export Interactive PDF menu it will automatically delete the table from the object and create an empty interactive text field.

    Just wanted to let you know this behaviour, so maybe you could solve this in a next version.

    Keep up the good work.
    / Luc