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    is it possible to fix or add a feature in dropwords so that it does not apply the style of the opening letter to a certain text style?

    I understand that you’re inquiring about a feature in Dropwords that can prevent the application of a specific text style to the opening letter of a word.

    If I’m understanding your question correctly, then yes, Dropword already has that feature available. You don’t need to apply a style to the first word, and to disable it in Dropword, simply uncheck the option that says “Apply this character style to Dropword.”

    Another way to avoid this issue is by using Footwork. When you run “Detach” on the footnotes in Footwork, it creates two basic GREP queries – MainText and FootText – that search for a specific character style applied by the Detach operation.

    You can modify these GREP queries, specifically the FootText query in your case, to find the beginning of each footnote based on a special paragraph style instead of a character style. You can create a unique paragraph style for the first paragraph of each footnote and then search for a combination of the Dropword character style and the first paragraph style of each footnote.

    The most important thing is to create a GREP query that accurately finds the beginning of each footnote and nothing else.

    I hope that makes sense.