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    As I mentioned privately via email, I’ll be happy to schedule a quick screenshare to get you up and running with FormMagic.

    When it comes to formatting your text fields in InDesign, setting the font size, font type, and color is a straightforward process. You can achieve this by applying the required formatting to your text fields using a paragraph or character style, or through direct formatting.

    However, setting an indent is a bit different because Acrobat does not support indents for text fields. To achieve an indented effect, you can simply resize or move the text field in InDesign a little to the right. If you have given each field in your design an outline or background, you will need to create a separate element in InDesign and push the rectangle or shaded area a little to the left.

    You can find more information on the formatting properties that can be applied with FormMagic on the Help page (https://www.id-extras.com/help/formmagic/) under Section 1. In general, FormMagic supports almost anything that Acrobat itself supports.