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    Also, I am noticing an issue with dropdowns that I’m not 100% sure is linked to FormMaker (I have noticed the same problem with a PDF that I use for testing things that I cannot recall if I enabled FormMaker data on at any point, though purging the data doesn’t remove the issue). But in exporting a combo box/dropdown field from InDesign, prior to enabling FormMaker data, the combo box works as expected. After enabling the data, I have to click the dropdown arrow twice in order to make a selection. Again, a Loom: https://www.loom.com/share/4558996620314799b47246b6953735dc

    Any assistance with this would be most appreciated! It appeared that this double-click-dropdown glitch is a thing that periodically happens for some users and the general consensus appears to be “uninstall/reinstall,” but having done that this afternoon, it still persists.