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    Hi Sara,

    This is actually quite simple, and no programming is needed.

    (1) In InDesign, set up pairs of “radio buttons”. With radio buttons, if one is checked, the other is unchecked.

    (2) In FormMaker in InDesign, set each button’s style to “Check”. This will give you check marks in the PDF instead of round buttons. (The change is not visible in InDesign, but you’ll see it in Acrobat.)

    (3) Make sure each pair of buttons has a different name (Button 1, Button 2). Give all the left buttons the value of 0 in InDesign’s Buttons and Forms panel, and all the right buttons the value of 1.

    (4) Add a field in InDesign that will display the total. Select the field, and in FormMaker, under the Calculate panel, set that field to show the sum of all the radio buttons:

    That’s it. Export the form as usual with FormMaker, run the FormMaker command in Acrobat, and everything should work as desired: