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    Just giving my two cents about the use of the script so far. I’ve been using it for a while now and if my voice would matter, I would suggest this , coming from hours of work :

    1- An option for using it with No UI. Using a stream deck/ Shortcut I found not optimized having to use the mouse for 1- Select the table and 2- Clic on the Autofit button. It would be faster just selecting the tables + hit the shortcut with the other hand

    2- Being able to select a textframe that contains the tables. The script would identify the tables and run the autofit on them. I’ve currently got one script that does that. More convenient but unfortunately slower.

    3- Having a UI for further preferences, being the current ones or for working on the whole document


    I’m currently working on a document of 617 tables that need adjustments… What a game changer it would be to have these options …just saying ^^


    Hope to hear from you soon

    Thanks anyways ;)