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    Hi Natai,

    I’m really not sure about this, and if you’ve done some experimenting and are seeing the results you describe, you probably know more than I do. As a final testing step, try exporting the interactive PDF from InDesign without FormMaker, just to see if you can get it to work. I don’t think there should be a difference, but you never know.

    Having said that, if I had a better idea of what you’re trying to achieve, I might be able to suggest a workaround. For instance, you could create an image field (a button) as the third, transparent layer, and have, for it’s image, a faded out field. Then, with some simple Javascript (and possibly this is even doable natively with an InDesign field action), you could set it so that the button disappears when clicked, revealing the true field beneath it.

    Again, whether this, or something else, would work would depend on what exactly you’ve trying to achieve…