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    Thanks for the response Ariel.

    I’m making a form-fillable document for a game. The end user opens the form, enters their character’s name and a photo (using the form fields) and then prints the document out.  I’m trying to simulate the look of a rubber stamp on top of the photo, overlapping on to the document.  I initially tried with a transparent stamp on a layer on top of the layer with the form fields.  But it appears Acrobat always displays the form fields on top, regardless of layer.  So the photo appeared on top of the stamp.

    I have figured out a way to make it work, but hopefully it can be improved on.

    I’m using two image fields.  One for the photo and one for the stamp, with the stamp field on the top layer.  Since both are form fields, Acrobat respects which one is on top.

    But having to load two images to get the effect could end up making this a little complicated for the end user.  I’m thinking to help with that I can have the stamp image preloaded, essentially a default entry in the image field.

    It’s easy to set default values for text fields in FormMaker, but is it possible to set the default for image fields?