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    Re. the fonts issue: I don’t have the actual fonts myself, so I can only make some guesses.
    You do need to make sure that:
    (1) The fonts are available in Acrobat as well as InDesign. It’s not good enough if only Indesign can access them. (Once you, the designer, have embedded them with FormMaker, the end user will no longer need them on their system. But you do need to have them available in Acrobat.)
    (2) Some fonts don’t allow themselves to be embedded.
    The way to verify that both issues are not a problem is to open the PDF in Acrobat and manually try to apply the font to a field in the regular Acrobat way. If you find the font available in the list of fonts in Acrobat, that eliminates issue (1), and if you are able to select it and apply it and Acrobat doesn’t show a warning, that eliminates issue (2).