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    Hi Ariel,

    I was fairly confident the font issue was isolated to the two documents with FormMaker, as I use the same font constantly for the same client and we’ve never had an issue, and the only fields that show the incorrect font, are the calculation fields.

    To be sure, I’ve done as you said and checked the simple calculator form within Acrobat, selected the font, and changed it to semibold with no problem. (Error 5 below)

    error 5

    In preflight, it shows the font problem (error 3 attached.)

    error 3

    I also opened one of the many other documents I have for the same client, and that shows the same fonts embedded in preflight with no issues. (screengrab – error 6)

    error 6

    I think that eliminates a generic font available/embed issue within Acrobat, I await your feedback.

    Best regards