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    Thanks for your detective work!

    What seems to me to be the issue (and it’s a bug, although arguably more of an InDesign bug than FormMaker) is as follows:

    If the font specified in InDesign’s “Buttons and Forms” panel is identical to the font specified by FormMaker, then when FormMaker applies the font in Acrobat, Acrobat doesn’t embed it properly, because InDesign has sort of told it that the font is already embedded (that’s a guess).

    But if the fonts are different, then the font is embedded fully and properly in Acrobat by FormMaker.

    The problem is that with the latest version of FormMaker, it’s difficult to make them different, because FormMaker forces the font in the Buttons and Forms panel to be the same as the font the user selects in FormMaker (to avoid user confusion).

    But it’s not impossible. So, what I recommend, until I release a fix for this, which is now top priority, is as follows:

    (1) Apply the desired fonts in InDesign with FormMaker as usual.

    (2) Close FormMaker in InDesign.

    (3) Select all form fields, and, in the Buttons and Forms panel, select the wrong font, any font you’re not using in the document, and apply it to all form fields in the document.

    (4) Deselect everything in InDesign.

    (5) Run FormMaker and export the form straight away, without selecting any fields.

    I think you should now find that when you run FormMaker in Acrobat, the form fields fonts become fully embedded!