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      Does anyone know how to use afterOpen?

      I would like to have it so whenever someone opens a specific indesign file, a dialog pops up asking them questions and the user can make selections and input text.

      im having trouble getting the a simple alert to pop up automatically after opening using afterOpen

      Any idea?

      #targetengine “main”

      app.addEventListener(‘afterOpen’, function(myEvent) {

      if (myEvent.target.constructor.name !== ‘new sample’) {

      var myDoc = myEvent.target;
      // Continue on with your code from here

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        This seems to work for me, when an existing document is opened. It shows the number of pages in the document. I changed the name of the #targetengine, though, to make it persistent.

        #targetengine MyOpenEvent

        app.addEventListener(‘afterOpen’, myOpenFunction);

        function myOpenFunction(myEvent){
        if(myEvent.target instanceof Document){

        Does that help?

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          yes this is what i needed. thanks for the help

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            i went down a rabbit hole that is over my head.

            how would i make a dialog window pop up within this function? i got an alert that tells me the document name, but im trying to get a dialog to pop up as well. would that happen within the myOpenFunction? would it call on another script?

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              Do you know how to build a dialog with ScriptUI? (There’s also a simpler way of making dialogs, but I would recommend getting to know ScriptUI.)
              Once you’ve got a working dialog, just stick it in the myOpenFunction and it will pop up whenever a doc is opened.
              (If you just need really simple user input, there’s also the prompt() command.)

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                yeah i used it to make a dialog box. it wouldn’t work at first but after messing around with it i finally got it to work. thanks again for your help

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