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    Dove Press (Daniel)


      I’m loving the functionality of this incredible script (although to be fair, it is such a robust script that it feels more appropriate to call it an InDesign “extension”.

      Here’s my question: can WordDrop settings be integrated as an element within a Paragraph Style, or does applying DropWord to a paragraph always create a “local override”?

      Thanks and keep up the incredible work,


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        Hi Daniel,

        Thanks for your kind words, and glad you’re finding it useful!

        DropWord III adjusts the position of the first tab-stop in the paragraph to be flush with the beginning of the second word on the first line – in order to create the “window.”
        The position of tab stops is part of a paragraph style. So if a tab stop is moved manually (or by a script), it becomes a style override (marked by a + next to the style name).
        So, unfortunately, there is no way to avoid the fact that paragraphs that have a dropword show up in InDesign as having a “local override.”


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