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      Hey there!

      So to explain the whole picture, we’re using a fillable form for our internal Job Ticket in our print shop. The form is filled out by a program (designed by one of our programmers) with data obtained from our online store. The program fills out the form and only truncates the info if it extends the bounds of the box. We were having issues with our chosen font (Calibri) not showing up as embedded when running the program, thus causing it to revert to Helvetica.

      We found FormMagic after reading that Adobe forms relies on user fonts and figured this would help with this issue. I used FormMagic in InDesign and exported a PDF and when filling out the form in Acrobat everything works as intended. Once we run the form through our program, and open it in Acrobat, the filled out info reverts to Helvetica BUT if you click onto the fillable field then the FormMagic embedded fonts will appear until you click back out of said field.

      We’ve been struggling to figure out why this is happening and as a long shot we thought we’d post our issue here, hoping for some insight.

      Thanks in advance!



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        Hi Thomas,
        Very hard to say. It could be that your has somehow set the field to not use Calibri?
        If you could send me a PDF that shows the problem, I’ll be happy to take a look.

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