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      We’re doing a book in Arabic with a large number of footnotes which we want to be in 2 columns, and ideally with numbering restarted on each page. When we get Footwork to renumber however, we’re finding it gets confused, with numbering restarted in the middle of pages. We’ve tried recomposing but it doesn’t help. Is there anything else we can try?


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        Hi Matthew,

        Thanks for sending the files separately. I’ve had a look, and everything seems in order.

        You need to renumber the footnotes, and select “Restart every page”. To do this, in Footwork:

        (1) Click on the Check GREPs button.

        (2) Select the first footnote in the list, and click on the Renumber button at the bottom of the window.

        (3) In the Renumber dialog that opens, check the “Restart numbering every:” option, and select “Page” from the dropdown, and finally click the “Renumber” button to perform the action.

        This will make sure that the first footnote in the main text on each page is numbered 1.

        However, I did notice in the file that some of the footnotes are not on the same page as their references in the main text. To fix this you should recompose the file. In fact, it’s probably worth recomposing the file before renumbering the footnotes, as after recomposing, the location of the footnotes might change and what was the first footnote on the page might not be the first footnote any longer.

        Does that make sense?

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          Ok, thanks. We were doing Detach > Compose > Renumber, so I’m not sure why you’d need to recompose when we’ve just done a compose, after detaching? I’ve tried it anyway, before renumbering, and it seems to be better, but there are still footnotes running onto the following page, even though “Footnotes may appear on next page” is disabled.

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            Normally, another recompose should not be necessary.

            It could just be, though, that if you’ve renumbered, some number might have gone into double-digits (or some double-digit numbers might have turned into single digits), since you’re restarting each page.

            And if that is the case, occasionally this can cause some lines to reflow onto another page.

            If that happens, you would need to recompose from that page onwards again. But it’s fairly rare that this should happen.

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