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      I’ve tried to download the free version and it seems to have some problems.

      It doesn’t let me have several lines, it shows the wrong font in one of my fields and the position moves.

      Do you know how to solve this?

      See link for before and after images.


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        Hi Jakob,

        Thanks for trying out FormMagic.

        To get several lines in a field, you have to select the form field in InDesign, and, in the Buttons and Forms panel, check the “Multiline” option (a small checkbox at the bottom-right).

        In your case I woiuld also recommend unchecking the “Scrollable” option, just below it.

        You’ll need to play around in Acrobat to find what the best point size is, though. And unfortunately there is no way of controlling the leading between the lines with multiline fields. If that is important you would need to consider creating 3 separate fields in InDesign, 1 per line.

        Regarding the font: What font exactly is this, and what weight? Sometimes, FormMagic needs some “help” figuring out the correct PDF-name of the font. This only needs to be done once, and the process is described here: https://www.id-extras.com/help/formmagic/#:~:text=Advanced%3A%20Using%20the%20FontList.txt%20File

        I hope that helps. If you’re still not managing, perhaps you could send me the InDesign file with the fonts and I will see if I can get it to work.

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          Hi Ariel and thanks for quick reply! Cool

          Multiline works, but as you mentioned, it can’t control the line height unfortunately. Could you build that into the script?

          I’ve tested the font script, but the names are the same i InDesign as i Acrobat.

          How about the position, will you look into that?

          I have attached the document, so you can give it a shot.




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            Hi Jakob,

            There’s no way to control the line height through scripting unfortunately, I’ve checked that in the past.

            Thanks for the files, let me take a look and see if I can figure out what’s going on with the font.

            For the position, it’s a question of getting it right in InDesign so that it appears correctly in Acrobat. Acrobat always vertically centers text fields (at least 1-line fields), so that’s just a question of trial and error.

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              Hi Jakob, for some reason I’m unable to download the files from the link. Can you upload them somewhere else and post a new link?

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                  Thanks, that works for me.

                  Something strange about the font (Academy Sans). Nice font, but it doesn’t have an internal Postscript name. At all. First time I’ve seen that, but it means that it’s not going to work with FormMaker, I’m afraid.

                  I’ll see next week if I can update FormMaker to use a different internal name as a backup.

                  But for now, to get things to work, you’ll have to use a different font (or open this one in a font editor and copy its current name to the Poscript name field).

                  Regarding the spacing, to get tight leading it would be necessary to create 3 fields that are close to each other.

                  And regarding the exact positioning, as I mentioned above, trial and error in InDesign should sort that out.

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