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      I’ve just taken some time to reevaluate FormMaker again. I really like what I see so far and have some questions.
      1) Is there a way to add more than one action for a mouse event? For example, having more than one javascript or a javascript and another action on a “Mouse up” event/trigger.
      2) Is there a way to “Select an Action” like in Acrobat? For example, select “Reset a form” or “Execute a many item” from a drop down. If not, do you see it being a possible upgrade for FormMaker in the near future?
      3) Is there a way of setting the size for the check mark in the Check box field with FormMaker?
      4) The pricing on your website does not indicate the currency? Is the pricing in CAD (Canadian dollars)?

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        Hi Lisa,

        (1) You can add several actions and a single javascript. The actions are added with InDesign’s own Buttons and Forms panel, and the Javascript is added with FormMaker. Only a single Javascript can be added per event (mouse up, mouse down, etc.), but that Javascript can include multiple functions.

        (2) InDesign itself includes a bunch of actions (including “Clear Form”), and whatever’s missing can, I think, be added with FormMaker. You mention dropdowns specifically. Which Javascript event would you want to tie your action to? If you provide a few more details I can try to be more specific.

        (3) As far as I can tell, the size of the checkbox is dependent on the size of the form field you create in InDesign. The bigger the field, the bigger the checkbox.

        (4) All pricing on this website is in US dollars.

        I’ll be happy to do a quick screenshare to discuss these and any other questions further. Send me an email if you’d like to schedule a time to do that.



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