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      This Extract Pages script is perfect for what i need, but i ran into an issue. I have a document with multiple pages. Each page has a text variable that when intersecting with a image or PDF will display the files name.

      When i run the script and export, the files end up being named TEXT_VARIABLE-1.PDF. What i need is the file to be name image_1234.PDF

      Is there a way to save the file with image_1234.PDF instead of TEXT_VARIABLE-PDF?

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        I think to get this to work you would have to first convert all the text variables in your document to static text. Make a temporary copy of your document, perhaps, convert the variables, and then run Extract Pages on that.
        There is a script floating around that can help converting all variables in all open documents to static text. Haven’t tried it myself, but sounds like it works: https://community.adobe.com/t5/indesign/select-every-variable-text-frame-and-turn-it-to-static/m-p/9657361

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          yeah that is what i was afraid of. I did mess around with some stuff and basically converted all text in specific paragraph style to a static text. then i can edit the text and remove the file extension. then using your export script, export using the paragraph style setting. thanks for the reply

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