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      Hi, Ariel

      Is there is any way yo enter automatic excel list of items with more than 200 position in Drop down menu. I dont want to enter it one by one.


      Thank you

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        Hi Nik,
        You can use the method described here: https://www.id-extras.com/forums/topic/formmaker-pro-combo-box-export-values/

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          Hi, Ariel

          Thank you.

          I am sure that this will work because i know that after you make it it will work

          The problem is that  i can understand where you add the list item coming from Excel

          I create one combo field with  Form Maker and i name it “Country 1” and i have a excel with 24o country type one under another…..where in your script i have to paste the list which i will copy from the Excel


          Thank you

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            You have to convert the Excel list to a single line that looks like this:

            var l = this.getField("ListBox");
            l.setItems(["One", "Two", "Three"]);

            … where, instead of “ListBox”, enter the name of your field, and instead of “One”, “Two”, “Three” replace it with your list from Excel.

            As described in the post I linked to, this should be added as a Document script in FormMaker, and that Document script should be removed (in Acrobat) before you distribue the final PDF.

            This is a workaround, but it makes it a lot easier than using InDesign’s UI for the task.

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