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      On a book I’m working on today, the text and urls are all in lining proportional numerals, but when I run Hyperlink Pro, the urls get switched to oldstyle . . . Not sure why this is happening . . .

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        To get the discretionary line breaks to work, Hyperlink Pro has to change the language assigned to the hyperlinks in InDesign to “No Language.”
        I’ve noticed that some fonts have this issue that the digits they display depend on the language assigned to the text. It’s pretty weird.
        As far as I know, there are only two possible solutions, neither of which are ideal:
        (1) Disable the “add discretionary line breaks” option, or
        (2) Use a different font. Most fonts don’t have this issue.
        That’s what I’m guessing the issue is. You can test this by finding any text in your document with numbers, and changing the language applied to No Language. Do the digits change? If so, I think that’s the issue.
        I’m assuming, of course, that changing the numeral style is having no effect.

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