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      When I try to run the script to create certain paragraphs as sort of “side headers”, I get an error message “Illegal value set for width”, and I don’t understand why.
      The alignment definitions of the paragraphs in question are – alignment to the direction of the avenue, without indentation on any side. The titles are not that short I should mention.
      And the settings for the width of the frames that I specified in the script is 10 mm, does this have anything to do with it?


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        Hard to say for sure, but although you’ve specified the width of the frames as 10mm, if they have a very large stroke value or a very large inset value that might not be enough.

        In other words, InDesign is objecting because you’re trying to make the (anchored) text frames narrower than they legally can be.

        Does that make sense?

        If not, feel free to post some more screenshots, or send me the file separately and I’ll take a look.



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