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      When I go to click on FormMagic in InDesign it says I have to convert the document’s LAB colors to RGB – which the document is already in. I wasn’t having this issue before, so I’m not sure what has changed, or how I can fix this.

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        Hi Meg,

        I think there must be some swatches in the document that are not set to RGB.

        InDesign documents aren’t “in” a specific colour mode, any given colour can be RGB, CMYK, LAB etc.

        But interactive PDFs in Acrobat are always RGB only. They can’t be anything else, and InDesign converts all colours to RGB when exporting to interactive PDF.

        I was getting regular comments from users about the fact that the colours in their interactive PDFs did not look the same as in InDesign. The reason was always that they had used non-RGB colours in InDesign which were getting converted to RGB on export.

        So I added this warning to make users aware that a conversion will be taking place.


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          That makes a lot of sense, thank you. Do you know how to adjust these individual swatches on InDesign so that I may use FormMagic with it?

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            Sure. Open the Swatches panel in InDesign, right-click on a swatch and choose “Swatch Options.” There you’ll see a dropdown called “Color Mode”. Change that to RGB.

            You’ll also notice that the colourful icons on the right-hand side of the Swatches panel tells you at a glance which colour mode each swatch is, so it should be easy to find that ones that aren’t RGB.


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              This was really helpful, thanks Ariel! It’s all working great now.

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