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      Hi there! I am having a problem with square text boxes I have created in InDesign (with a 12.345 paragraph style applied) distorting when I convert them to checkboxes, export as a PDF, and open in Acrobat. The field highlight is taller than the initial box, the checkmark is centered in the original field when you click on it, but then centers in the taller highlight when you click away. Resizing the field in Acrobat makes the highlight the correct height, but distorts the original field behind it. This has been an issue for me for a few years, but one I wasn’t actively seeking to fix until now.

      Here is a Loom showing the problem: https://www.loom.com/share/f4e1707b99474358acbc5586b190783a

      I appreciate any help you can provide!

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        Also, I am noticing an issue with dropdowns that I’m not 100% sure is linked to FormMaker (I have noticed the same problem with a PDF that I use for testing things that I cannot recall if I enabled FormMaker data on at any point, though purging the data doesn’t remove the issue). But in exporting a combo box/dropdown field from InDesign, prior to enabling FormMaker data, the combo box works as expected. After enabling the data, I have to click the dropdown arrow twice in order to make a selection. Again, a Loom: https://www.loom.com/share/4558996620314799b47246b6953735dc

        Any assistance with this would be most appreciated! It appeared that this double-click-dropdown glitch is a thing that periodically happens for some users and the general consensus appears to be “uninstall/reinstall,” but having done that this afternoon, it still persists.

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          Hi Kate,

          Thanks for making the video.

          That does seem like strange behviour. I somewhat doubt that it has anything to do with FormMaker, but in any case, to troubleshoot, I’d really need to be able to play around with the InDesign file.

          Would you be able to send it to me (admin {at} id-extras dot com)?

          Regarding the 2nd issue, let’s try and deal with the first one first! (No immediate suggestions spring to mind.)



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            Hi, Ariel!

            Interestingly, after trying one more thing on the draft, I discovered that if I do NOT actually make the squares into text boxes before converting them to checkbox fields, they keep their correct dimensions. That means I lose out on the auto-coloring of the markers (and auto-sizing), but I far prefer to have the boxes be squares than care about the color issue (I frequently change from checks to a different marker anyway, so I’m often in the options in Acrobat after export, switching the color there is no big deal).

            The dropdown thing continues to be very weird. Occasionally it functions fine, even with FormMaker data, but mostly it requires two clicks to actually open the dropdown options. It is entirely unclear to me what circumstances lead to it working as intended, as exporting from the same file often leads to different results.

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