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      Hello – I use in design on a desktop and a laptop. I only have LTOC on the desktop. If I open a working document with an established TOC, and insert pages (thereby adjusting the page numbers), but am doing so on a computer without LTOC installed, will that break the live page numbers on the TOC? Will re-opening the indesign file with the computer that has LTOC installed fix it?

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        Short answer: Nothing will break, you’re fine to open the doc on the new computer, and page numbers will continue to update automatically also on the new computer.

        Explanation: LiveTOC uses InDesign’s own cross-reference feature. So when you run LiveTOC, it is simply turning the page numbers in your TOC into regular ID cross-references. Once that’s done, LiveTOC is no longer in the picture.

        So you will be fine if you open the document on another computer and add or remove pages. The page numbers in the TOC will continue to update automatically regardless of whether LiveTOC is installed on that computer or not.

        If, however, you need to add a new chapter or entry to the TOC, you will either have to turn that entry’s page number into a cross-reference manually, or switch to the computer that has LiveTOC installed and get LiveTOC to do it for you.


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