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    Clark Kenyon

      I’m having some trouble making LiveIndex work. I’m trying it out on an ID file that was originally meant for print publication. The client hired an indexer who worked from the final PDF layout, so the index is manual. The index entries were styled, but the page numbers weren’t. So I used a Grep search to restyle all the numbers with a character style “Page number.”
      In the script’s dialog under Step 1 I have the all the text of the index selected. Under Step 2 I have only numbers with this character style are page references, and I have selected “Page number.” Under Step 3 I have Intelligently, as there are some numbers like 123-24. Under Step 4 I have Active document only. And under Step 5 I have ePub selected.
      I can see the hyperlinks in the hyperlinks panel and the pages they link to, but the index numbers are not active in the ePub export. It’s obvious from the html of the index document that the links (text anchors) were not created (see attached).

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      Clark Kenyon

        For some reason I can’t attach the screen shot I wanted to include.

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          Hi Clark,
          I think I’d need to see the files in question to be able to troubleshoot this. No reports of LiveIndex not working with ePub export, so it must be something to do with this specific file.
          I’ll be happy to take a look if you send it over.

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