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      When running LiveTOC 1.9.7 it only randomly finds the right instances for creating page numbers. Even when I copy paste a title that has been recognized by LiveTOC, in the next run it does not recognize it (I deleted in the pasted text the anchor.). I am using InDesign 15.1.2

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        What exactly is the chapter title that LiveTOC is not managing to find? Can you post a screenshot here (with invisible characters – spaced, etc. – showing)?
        Also, please post a screenshot of your LiveTOC settings.

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          It finds actually only titles in which there is a soft break … I could also replicate it by adding a soft break to a title an rerun LiveTOC.

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            Instead of the setting “Until end of paragraph”, use: “until right-indent tab”.
            LiveTOC is going to search from the first word until whatever you tell it. If you tell it “end of paragraph” it will search for a chapter title that includes a right-indent tab and the page number, so obviously it will never find it, because that doesn’t exist in the book.
            (When there is a soft break in the TOC, it stops searching there, and so finds the paragraph.)
            It’s not usually necessary to run LiveTOC twice on the same TOC entry (since the page numbers automatically update). But if you do, make sure to change the existing cross-referenced page number back to 000, so that LiveTOC will know where to add the new page number.

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              This was the solution; thank you.

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                Great. Just one last thing: If sometimes despite the above LiveTOC does not seem to be able to find an entry, you can help it. Select just a few words from a TOC entry (not the whole paragraph). Select words that you know appear in the target chapter title. Now when you run LiveTOC with these words selected, it will ignore all other settings (except the list of paragraph styles you have chosen at the top), and search only for those selected words.
                This is quite a useful tip, as it can often be that an entry doesn’t exactly match the chapter title, for whatever reason. (The disadvantage is that it only works on one entry at a time, of course. So I usually start by selecting the whole TOC, running liveTOC, and then fixing the remaining few entries that didn’t work one by one using this method.)

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