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      First time running script. Book with 4 chapters. Each chapter has Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, etc. In other cases there are repeated words in titles. Script is asking me to link to correct page, but I don’t know the correct page. Is there a way to pause the script or edit number after the script has run? (Am guessing, no, but thought I’d ask. TOC is long.) Thx!

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        Hi Barbara,
        You can normally click OK and the script will apply the correct page number.
        The script works from the end of the book to the beginning.
        It remembers the last unambiguous page number that it has found, and when it hits an ambiguity (as per your screenshot), the default selection in the little dropdown (“page 319” in your screenshot) is the page number that is closest to the last previously used page number.
        So, in your case, it looks like “Outline of Shao Yang” was found on p. 319, so the script, by default, has selected 319 for the current selection “Shao Yang”.

        In your case, though, there is another complication, in that the term “Shao Yang” appears multiple times on p. 319, so it’s a little difficult to know which instance of p. 319 should be selected. (But does it actually make a difference?)

        There’s no simple way to stop the script (you can try a long press on the ESC key while the script runs).

        The script can be undone in one step (Cmd-Z).

        So, after it finishes running, you might want to undo the result, and rerun LiveTOC in two stages, once without including the problematic paragraph style (the Section style, I think), and a second time just for the sections.

        You might also add special characters (temporarily) to the sections, both in the main book and in the TOC (aaa, bbb, ccc, etc.) just to solve the ambiguity problem and make it easier for LiveTOC to identify the correct location in each case.

        Does that help?

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          Hi — Yes those suggestions are very helpful. Thank you!

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