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    Nicola Ferguson

      My version of mastermatic has stopped working properly. Master pages are inconsistently applied requiring me to run extra passes to get it right. It also is not honoring the adjusted margins on the masters thus forcing a manual adjustment. I am still on inDesign 13.1.1. What do you suggest to fix the problem? Thanks.

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        Hi Nicola,

        Thanks for posting.

        It’s unlikely/impossible that Mastermatic has just stopped working.

        So the issue is almost certainly a problem with the document in question, or else perhaps the way you’ve set up Mastermatic options for this document.

        Could you upload some screenshots that show (a) your Mastermatic setting (both for the main tab and object-master tab), and (b) perhaps a screenshot of a document page that shows an incorrectly applied master page. Explain what master page you were expecting to be applied, and which is actually applied…


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        Nicola ferguson





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          Nicola ferguson

            Hi Ariel,

            Attached are a few screen shots in subsequent post. The chapter opener master (CO) is not being applied.

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            Nicola ferguson

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              Nicola ferguson

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                Nicola ferguson

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                  Nicola ferguson

                    The last shot shows the chapter title (script type). The master page labeled CO was not applied.

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                      Hi Nicola,

                      A couple of things I’m noticing:

                      (1) You’ve got the “sticky masters” checkbox checked for each of the 3 master pairs. The sticky masters feature is useful for creating sections, but is not normally needed (see the Help page for more details). Are you sure you need this feature? If not, uncheck the checkbox to the right of each para-master pair to disable the feature.

                      (2) The chapter-title master (CO-CO) appears at the top of the list. Mastermatic works its way through the list from top down. So if the paragraph style “chap_tx_abrk1”, or the style beneath it, also appear on the chapter-opening page, the tx-tx master page will be applied, and not the CO-CO one.

                      Do you think either of those suggestions might solve the problem?

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