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      Hello everybody, I would like to have your opinion about this problem I have.
      This is my scenario: I work for a monthly magazine, work all the articles separately and eventually collect them in a Book to create pdf’s for printer and packaging the Book to archive when work is concluded.
      Consider — of course — that the order of articles changes continuously till our deadline.

      The printer requires the pdf’s to follow a strict name code to manage the automated printing process, like , where it identifies us (CK), the issue number (09), the actual page range (003_007) and the Article Name.

      This means that, when we’re ready to generate the production pdf’s for the printer, I have to
      1. manually rename ALL the files in my Finder folder with the correct page number(s);
      2. open, renumber the pages and save EACH ONE of my 80+ book entries.

      This is terribly time consuming…

      I’m wondering which way to approach the problem.
      I mean, should I rename all the .indd files in the Finder and run a script that renumbers those articles BASED ON FILE NAME?
      Or instead the other way round, like renumbering all the articles in my book and run a script that saves (in another folder) the files renaming them BASED ON PAGE NUMBERS?
      Thank you all…

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