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      I have a file  in which I want Parent A (with no header) to apply to the pages with the H1 Psalm style and B (with the header) to everything else.

      Here is the settings panel:

      However, pages following the H1 Psalm style which consist entirely of a table that began on the H1 Psalm page are not getting the B applied.

      See, for example, pages 54; 95-96; 115; 139; 147-149; 166; 196-197; 218;

      Thank you for looking into this!


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        Hi Yudel,
        Thanks for posting on the forum!
        The issue is a “known limitation.” Namely, InDesign (incorrectly) reports to the scripting subsystem that a text frame that only contains the continued part of a table and nothing else is an empty text frame.
        In your case, this means that the A-Parent master page is therefore applied.
        There is no easy way to fix this without slowing Mastermatic down quite a lot. I can suggest a couple of workarounds:
        (1) If the tables are never longer than 2 pages, adding any character (such a space) after the table (not inside it) should be enough to fix the issue, and Mastermatic will then be able to identify the frame as non-empty.
        (2) Create a special object style for these text frames, and link a master page to these pages by using the object style as the identifier (which can be done in Mastermatic under the “Object Styles” tab, which perhaps you have not needed to use before).
        Would either of those ideas help?

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          The second solution sounds doable – Mastermatic will set based on the Headline style that is at the top of the page and not the Object style that follows?

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            Object styles take precedence (https://www.id-extras.com/help/mastermatic/#:~:text=Advanced%3A%20How%20Mastermatic%20Resolves%20Clashes)
            So you would need to apply the special object style only to pages with the continued part of the table (perhaps add an anchored object to the last row of the table?)

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