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      I tried out the script translating some text from your website to german and it’s fantastic! But I stumbled upon a case where it didn’t work:

      1 – The space after the mark mysteriously vanished.

      2 – Should be the beginning of the sentence.

      3 – Should come last.

      mixed up formatting (and sentence)

      And one more thing: I used your dummy-key (1234 5678 9012 3456) which you show on your how-to-visual on your website … It works well and gives me a credit of now 46.83651 $. You might want to look into that ;–)


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        Thanks for your feedback.

        I contacted DeepL about a similar issue, and although I haven’t received any formal acknowledgment, it seems to me that that issue has been fixed, so I’m wondering if the text you tried with is now properly formatted too? When I try the text, this is what I’m now getting:

        I don’t read German, so I’m not sure if this is better, but at least there is a space after the period and the sentence begins with a capital letter.

        And thanks for letting me know about the dummy key. Actually, I’ve been aware of this for at least a year, and was a bit surprised that nobody took advantage of it…

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        Samuel Gubler

          Cool, it is much better an more accurate now!

          And as for the dummy key: I just had to try it, I’m not going to take advantage of it and you may feel free to delete my comment above. There are several possible reasons why nobody has used it before: a) All of your clients are very honest people, b) they are not very observant, c) nobody ever read your how-to-page or d) I’m the only dummy among them to try it.

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            Lol. Yeah, I finally disabled it…

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