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      I do not understand where I’m stuck. I’m attaching a screenshot here, I do not understand why the left column does not align vertically.
      I gave it the option to expand up to 10mm, and in practice it only expanded a little over 3mm.

      post Scriptum. Sorry for my sloppy English. This is not my native language.

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        Hi Pinchas,
        To be sure, I would need you to send me the InDesign file privately (or at least the first few pages).
        If you use InDesign’s own vertical justification, does it manage to justify that column?
        Obviously it’s the shape in the bottom left that is causing the issues here, but to be certain exactly what, and if there is a workaround, I would need to see the file.

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          I also do not succeed in the built-in function in InDesign.
          But I do not understand why it should interfere with the cube I put down there, the purpose of it is indeed to push the text but what it has to do with the vertical alignment of the box.
          I will send you the file later, but apart from fixing the specific problem in this file, I want to ‘understand’ what is happening.
          So I would love if you could explain what I asked above.

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            I can’t be sure until I have seen the file.
            It’s likely that what is happening is that when a little space is added between the paragraphs in that column, the first line of the last paragraph gets squeezed (because of that object in the corner). This probably causes the last word in that line to jump to the next line, and that could cause an entire line to jump over to the next page, again creating a gap.
            But without the file, it’s a bit pointless to speculate.

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