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      The issue I’m running into is that I’m not finding a way to use Acrobat’s Simple Field Notation calculator in your system. It looks like you only have the option to select fields and then what to do with them and then the Custom Calculation Script.

      I’m needing to do a very basic formula but not sure how to do it with what you have in there… See the attached screenshot. “Total2 = Qty2 * $2.95”. I don’t have a field for the price and so I need to manually enter that into the formula… How do I do that with your system?

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        Hi Llewellyn,

        You are correct that FormMaker does not support Acrobat’s “simple field notation” at this point. However, I think it should be simple enough to convert that into a proper script that you can add in FormMaker as a custom calculation script.

        To get the value of a field, use this command:


        To update the value of the selected field, use:

        event.value = …

        So putting it all together, try the following as your custom calculation script:

        event.value = this.getField(“Qty2”).value * 2.95;

        Does that work?

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