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      Hi Ariel

      I asked this about two years ago as I develop forms with a lot of fields on a regular basis. I’m here to ask and beg again!

      Unfortunately InDesign’s own Tab Order box is awful. It can’t be resized and is only capable of displaying 9 fields at the same time. The dragging function to move fields doesn’t actually accurately work and when dragging multiple fields at the same time, the focus will move to the very top of the list. It’s terrible to work with.

      At the time, you said that it might be difficult to develop your own version of it, but I’m here to ask again as it’s such a pain to work with! Is there anything you would consider doing to help make that dialog box more user friendly?


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        I haven’t needed to play around with the tab order too much myself, but have you seen this thread? https://community.adobe.com/t5/indesign-discussions/setting-tab-order-in-indesign-form/td-p/11285480

        There seem to be a lot of a good suggestions there. Especially take a look at Willi Adelberger’s. And user “Pickory” also has a simple script there to set the tab order according to the number at the end of the field name.

        Would any of those ideas help?


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