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      Hi. I just licenced the Yearbook Creator and I’m having some difficulties getting the index.txt file to see the Images folder and recognize the data.

      I don’t see any reference to this product on your webpage, so I’m wondering if this script and support has been abandoned?

      Please let me know what the status is, and if I can still get basic support to get this running.


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        Hi Mark,

        There are no issues that I’m aware of with 2022.
        Could you send me your index file so I can take a look in the first instance? Send it to admin (at) id-extras.com


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          Hi Mark,
          Thanks for sending the index file.
          The script expects to receive a tab-delimited file, whereas this index file is comma-delimited.
          I opened the file in a text editor (Notepad++ in my case), replaced all the commas with tabs and saved. When I ran the script it again it seemed to be working fine.
          Does that fix it for you as well?

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