Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

The questions and answers below relate to general topics common to all Id-Extras scripts and add-ons: Issues with activation, licenses, costs, etc.

For how-to questions relating to specific Id-Extras products, check out the main product page for your add-on, or the product-specific Help page (where available), or, if you cannot find the answer there, post your question on the Id-Extras forum.


(1) How do I cancel my subscription to an Id-Extras subscription product?

If you have subscribed with Paypal, the best way to do this is directly in your own Paypal account, on the “Preapproved Payments” page. Here’s a direct link to that page in your account (last tested 23-Jan-2021):
There is no need to notify us separately, as Paypal sends an automatic notification when a recurring payment is cancelled.
If you have subscribed with Stripe (payment by credit card), use this link to cancel your subscription, or contact us.
Important: Please make sure to cancel before the next payment is due. We can offer a refund within 72 hours of an unwanted subscription renewal, but we cannot refund any fees charged us by the credit card company.

(2) I need to download my products again and/or my download links have expired. Do I need to contact customer support?

No! At any time you can generate fresh download links on the My Account page. All you need is the email address you originally used to purchase the products.

(3) I have two computers, one at work and one at home. I would like to use the script I purchased on both. Is that possible?

Once an Id-Extras script has been activated for the first time, it becomes linked to a specific Adobe User ID (that’s the Adobe email address you use to log on to your Creative Cloud account). The script will then be usable on any InDesign instance that is logged on to that Adobe User ID. So to get it to work both at home and at work, perhaps try deactivating (not uninstalling, just deactivating from the Help menu) your home InDesign, and reactivating with the same Adobe User ID you use at work (or vice versa). Adobe normally allows for installation on two computers. It should then be possible to use the script on both computers. Otherwise (if for some reason the above is not possible), you would need to purchase an additional Id-Extras license for the product in question.

(4) Will I need to buy an update every time InDesign is updated?

As far as Id-Extras is concerned, the answer is no. Your license is linked to a specific Adobe User ID – that’s the Adobe email address that you use to log on to your Creative Cloud account. So far, Adobe have not changed their users’ Adobe User ID for updates and so our products continue to work. If Adobe changes this policy at any point (though hard to imagine that they would), this answer might change. But inasmuch as it depends on us, the answer is no.

(5) Will my products work when new versions of InDesign come out?

One of the advantages of scripted add-ons (such as our products) compared to plugins (which our products are not) is that they do not need to be “recompiled” for each new version of InDesign. This means that normally, all our add-ons just work when a new version of InDesign is released. Simply copy the original script file over to the new version of InDesign, and it will work. Sometimes, though, Adobe changes the internal workings of InDesign so much that a product stops working and needs to be updated on our end. Historically, this has only happened very rarely, and products produced for CS5 still work nicely with InDesign 2022. However, it can happen. In such a case, we may charge an upgrade fee for purchasing the update. It will always be a fraction of the price of a new, full license, though.

(6) Can I install my add-on on all versions of InDesign that are installed on my computer concurrently?

We don’t guarantee it, but normally the answer is yes for all the latest Creative Cloud versions of InDesign. That means that for all versions of InDesign since (I think) InDesign 2013 onwards, the same license works for all versions, even if they are installed on the same machine concurrently. This is expected to be the case also for future Creative Cloud releases of InDesign. Again, we cannot guarantee this as it depends on Adobe’s licensing policies (to which our add-ons are linked) rather than to our own. However, our scripts cannot be run concurrently on pre-CC versions and CC versions. For instance, if you have an old CS6 or CS5 installation, and you want to install the script on both your CS installations and CC installations, this would require a separate license for each.

(7) Can I transfer my script license to someone else?

Once an Id-Extras script has been activated for the first time, it becomes linked to a specific Adobe User ID (that’s the Adobe email address you use to log on to your Creative Cloud account). The script will then be usable on any InDesign instance that is logged on to that Adobe User ID. So, if “someone else” means someone else who is logged on to that same account (e.g., an employee has moved on, and the new employee is using the old Adobe User ID) then yes, the old license can be “transferred” to the new person. But if “someone else” means to transfer the Id-Extras license to a different Adobe User ID then no, the license cannot just be transferred. In that case, you would need to purchase a “license transfer” to transfer the product to a new Adobe User ID. The product will stop working on the old account. Please allow 1–2 business days for processing. Click here to purchase a license transfer ($19).

(8) I have bought a new computer and I want to deactivate my scripts from the old computer they’re on now so I can reactivate them on the new computer I purchased. How do I do that?

Id-Extras script licenses are linked to a specific Adobe user account, not to a specific computer. Since you will be transferring your Adobe account to the new computer (i.e., logging out of Creative Cloud on the old computer, and logging onto the same CC account on the new computer) nothing special has to be done for the Id-Extras scripts to work. Simply activate the script on the new computer after you’ve logged into your Creative Cloud account and it should work.