I just updated the HTML Import script.

It is now much faster and more reliable, and should be successful with more websites.

Initially, the script didn’t get much traction, but in the last few months I’ve noticed more people trying to use it, so it seemed a good time to give it some attention.

It still does not attempt to render a webpage in InDesign! If you need pixel-perfect accuracy, a screenshot of the website might be a better bet (try FireShot perhaps).

The main point of this script is to easily import text and images from a webpage in a sensible way that is useful for further work in InDesign. So the text comes in with character styles and paragraph styles, hyperlinks are created, basic tables built.

Also, although you can’t see it, the groundwork has now been laid for importing HTML code from a local file, as well as accessing websites that require entering usernames and passwords to access their content. Be in touch if this is something you need.

Check it out and let me know how it goes.