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The products are grouped into 5 categories for ease of browsing: (1) Interactive PDF, (2) Graphic Design, (3) Long Documents, (4) Specialized Tools, and (5) Table Tools. (This division is somewhat artificial and most products could easily fit under multiple headings.)


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Interactive PDF

Export PDF forms from InDesign – with formatting intact!

The problem: Interactive PDF forms created in InDesign lose their formatting when opened in Acrobat. With FormMagic you can create PDF forms in InDesign, and format them freely. Open the form in Acrobat, run the new FormMagic command, and your entire form is formatted properly!

FormMagic on steroids! Create fully interactive PDFs in InDesign!

FormMaker includes everything in FormMagic, but adds full interactivity. Add calculation, formatting and validation scripts to your forms, right in InDesign! Very easy to use, and no programming required. If you are creating fully-featured interactive PDF forms, you need FormMaker!

Graphic Design

Force InDesign to always display the entire spread you’re working on

Avoid the frustration of having a page half off-screen when searching for text or moving from one page to the next!

Easily split an InDesign document into separate files

If you’ve got a big InDesign file that needs to be divided into smaller InDesign files, or if you need to export sets of PNG, JPEG, or PDF files and more (each into their own folder, and using different PDF presets), Extract Pages has all the options to make it quick and easy. Check it out!

Readjust the page size to match your selection, in InDesign!

Finally! A script to auto-adjust the page size to the selected artwork in InDesign. Or, match ALL pages in the document to the contents on each page!

Fit text to the available space with a single click!

Overset text? Empty text frames? Fit Text makes it easy to fit copy in a limited space, and just as easy to fill up empty available space by enlarging or reducing text in a story just the right amount.

Resize any InDesign document!

QuickResize provides a simple, convenient way to resize an entire document, and everything in it, to whatever new size you like.

Resize all graphics to a target PPI

What is the effective PPI of the graphics in your document? With Scale to PPI you can set them all to whatever effective PPI needed with one click!

Long Documents

Generate character styles from overrides automatically

Turn every single character-level override into a character style. Never lose overrides again!

Easy conditional paragraph styles

“If paragraph style A is followed by style B, change style A to style C and style B to style D.” Includes a batch editor for full automation. A massive time-saver!

Search for anything with GREP and turn it into an anchored object!

Side-subheads anyone? Pull-quotes? Borders around individual words? With GREP to Anchored Object you can search for any text (by content, paragraph style, character style, etc.) and turn each find result into an anchored object, anchored to the original spot where the text was! The possibilities are endless!

Solve the problem of typesetting long URLs in InDesign

Convert all URLs (website addresses) into live hyperlinks – even the long ones InDesign misses. And, break those long website addresses at the end of lines in the optimal position for good spacing, according to the rules of the Chicago Manual of Style.

Display line numbers in InDesign

Add line numbers to your InDesign document. Supports multiple column layouts. Many numbering options available.

Convert index page numbers into interactive hyperlinks

Live Index will convert all the page numbers in your index into live hyperlinks. When you export a document to ePub or PDF, the user will be able to click on any page number in the index to jump to that page. Does not rely on InDesign’s indexing feature.

Auto-update your Table of Contents page numbers without losing formatting

Have you ever wished that the numbers in your InDesign table of contents (TOC) would update automatically – without losing any local formatting?

Automatically apply master pages

This add-on lets you set up rules that determine which master page is applied to which page, based on paragraph styles and/or object styles appearing on that page. Updates automatically while you work!

Convert InDesign’s page numbers to written-out words!

Does your publication require written-out page numbers? Do you need to replace InDesign’s numbers with written-out versions, or supplement the numbers with words as well? Page Numbers to Words lets you do this in a quick and practical way, and with enough flexibility to accommodate any language or any numbering scheme you can think of!

Change point size and leading in all paragraph styles

Quickly redefine all your paragraph styles in one go: Specify a new point size and/or leading and all paragraph styles that use the old (or related) values will be updated accordingly. Special feature: snap the bottom page margin throughout the document to the nearest baseline grid.

Find/change inside paragraph-style or character-style definitions themselves!

Search in Styles lets you do a find/change operation on your paragraph- or character styles themselves! For instance, change all styles that set 12pt-leading to 11.5pt-leading quickly and easily.

Link InDesign sections to paragraph styles

Start a new InDesign section on every page that a user-defined paragraph style appears. This has various uses, but the main one is to force footnote numbering to restart at 1 (one) at the beginnig of every chapter in a long document.

Disable end-of-chapter vertical justification

When you’re using full vertical justification for text frames, it can be a pain to have to remember to top-align the last text frame of chapters. And if text reflows, to fix the vertical justification again and again. Treat yourself to a one-click script that does it all!

Specialized Tools

Hebrew typesetting at its finest!

Dropword III uses a unique method to create the “drop-word” effect required by Hebrew typesetting. It is the only method that manages to avoid InDesign slowdown and the bugs associated with other scripts.

Multi-column footnotes and much more!

Finally! A suite of InDesign add-ons to automate multi-column footnotes, single-column footnotes against multi-column text, run-on footnotes, and much more!

Bringing neural network machine translation into InDesign!

Translate for InDesign brings all the power of A.I. document translation to InDesign. Translate your InDesign layout into dozens  of languages at the click of a button! But the best part? All character styles, paragraph styles, and document formatting are left untouched! Old document, meet new language…

Have you given up on InDesign’s primitive text-frame vertical justification options?

V-Justify is the InDesign add-on that lets you reclaim control over InDesign’s vertical justification, allowing you to specify minimum and maximum space-before and space-after values for each paragraph style in your document.

Create Highschool Yearbooks in InDesign

Yearbooks demand creativity! But laying out scores of pages with mug shots and captions is tedious work. Yearbook Creator handles the tedious task of creating those pages from a PSPA datafile, leaving you fresh and bright to tackle the fun, creative stuff!

Table Tools

Streamline your table formatting in InDesign with our unbeatable package of 3 powerful add-ons!

Table Tools for InDesign includes three must-have tools in any table-designer’s collection.

  • AutoFit Columns
  • Center Table Columns
  • Delete Empty Rows and Columns

These products are available to purchase individually as perpetual licenses ($267 total, see below). But with Table Tools for InDesign you can access all of them through a budget-friendly annual subscription of just $59.

Working with tables in InDesign? Isn’t it frustrating that you can’t snap the cell width to its content (like “autofit” in Excel)?!

Manually adjusting table columns to fit the content can be a tedious, time-consuming and, ultimately, imprecise task. AutoFit Columns is here to solve that problem, making it easier and faster than ever to auto-adjust column width precisely to fit the content in your tables.

Typesetting spreadsheets and financial reports? Alignment issues driving you crazy?

If you’re doing much InDesign work with numbers in tables, you know how difficult, fiddly and frustrating it can be to get all the numbers and symbols to align! You’ll be kicking yourself for not using Center Table Columns before! Click on ‘Read More’ to find out more. Includes a quick YouTube tutorial to get you started!

One-click table cleanup!

Tired of spending valuable time manually removing redundant and empty rows and columns after importing tables from Excel or Word into InDesign? This script allows you to clean up all tables in the document (or select specific ones) in just one click. (And there are some other handy features as well…)