Auto Character Styles

Auto Character Styles

This script is a sophisticated solution to every designer’s worst problem: catching all local overrides and converting them to character styles.

Auto Char Styles UI


The user has the choice of which local overrides to convert to character styles. The aim is to minimize the amount of character styles created.

So for instance, if we’re only interested in catching variations of bold, italic, semibold etc., as well as say any underlining, one would select the “Font style” option at the top of the first column, and the “Underline” option at the bottom of the last column.

Once you’ve made your selection, you may save all settings as a preset.

The Create Character Styles script searches all text in the document, including tables and footnotes.

By default (since version 1.8), the script will create character styles and set the styles’ properties appropriately. So, for example, if the script generates an “Underline” character style, that style will be defined to apply underlining. The “Create blank styles” checkbox (see screenshot above), however, overrides this behavior. If selected, all character styles will be blank. For example, the above style will still be called “Underline,” but it will not have underline defined as one of its properties. This makes it easier in some cases for the designer to adjust the script-generated character styles to his or her needs.

The “Skip Text if Character Style Applied” option provides the option to tell the script to skip any text that already has a character style applied to it. Such text will only be skipped if the applied character style isn’t overriden.

For example, if you have a style called “10pt” applied to text, and that text is indeed 10pt in size, it will be skipped. But if, despite the applied style, the text is 20pt in size, Create Character Styles will consider that an overrider and will apply a new character style to it.

Below is a screenshot of the character-styles panel after running the script on a 128-page publication:


To download a 30-day demo, click here.

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System Requirements

  • InDesign CS4 or higher (including CC2018)
  • Windows or Mac computer

Trial Download

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