FormMaker has been updated to version 4.0.10.

The change log (since the last reported version, which was 4.0.5) is as follows:

  • Bug fix: Form fields with various types of spot colours (Pantone, etc.) prevented FormMaker from creating an interactive PDF.
  • Bug fix: In some cases (form fields with default values applied, or text fields with default text), font used in InDesign were not properly embedded in the resulting PDF, even though the fonts’ embed bit permitted editable embedding. This has been fixed. (You may notice a little yellow triangle appear during export. This is because fonts applied to some form fields are temporarily replaced during export. After export, any such fields return to their original state.)
  • Bug fix: The options for multiline text and rich text were disabled if the “custom” formatting option was enabled for a field. Although applying formatting options normally prevents the use of multiline and rich text fields, Acrobat actually allows these options if custom formatting is applied.
  • New feature/bug fix: In the case of combo boxes and list boxes, InDesign allows the user to select the default value to show in the PDF (select the default value in the Buttons and Forms panel). FormMaker now supports this feature as well. Additionally, although the values (and export values) were transferred to combo boxes and list boxes, the values did not appear correctly in Acrobat’s Properties dialog, making it difficult to refer to them in AcroScripts. This issue has now been fixed, and all values and export values are fully transferred and available in Acrobat.
  • Improvement: To use Arial MT (Monotype), it was previously necessary to use the FontList.txt feature to ensure that the font was successfully embedded in Acrobat. Because this font is a common choice for interactive forms, special provision has been made for it, so the use of a FontList.txt file is no longer necessary for this particular font.

This is a free update for all users of FormMaker. It can be downloaded here: